About us

We have a sincere love for children, and a commitment to partner with families in educating their children to prepare them emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually.

We believe that every child is a unique and special gift from God, and should be encouraged to progress at his or her own rate of speed toward enriched experiences. We encourage children to explore and discover God’s amazing world as they develop their self-image, establish friendships, and experience the excitement of learning.

Our school strives to provide families and their children with a strong educational and Biblical foundation to guide them in their developments.

By basing our education on the Bible, we’re teaching our students to look at the world around them from a different perspective. We’re teaching them not just to succeed in their world, but to transform it. We believe that children learn through active exploration and discovery from their environment and that they love and best learn from meaningful, hands-on, play based activities.

Every area of our school is designed to create an environment of love and trust where children can grow to the full potential that God intended for them. The learning environment is carefully planned to allow freedom to be creative, as well as stimulate healthy curiosity in the child.

However, limits will be set to help the child learn about safety, and develop a respect for property and the rights of others. Through planned and emergent activities we help children naturally work to refine their skills that help them become more independent and capable.

We believe that God has given each child unique abilities, and given the opportunity to pursue them, each child will discover his unique gift. We are honored to be a part of that discovery.

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