Our Goals

  • Encourage children to grow spiritually knowing these simple God truths:
    • God loves Me and Forgives Me
    • God made Me; I am special
    • God gives Me everything I need – a family, a home . . .
    • God loves me so much, God sent His son Jesus: to live a life of loving and caring, to die on a cross, to rise again, and to ascend to heaven to where Jesus prepares a place for Me
    • God wants Me to share God’s love with family and friends
  • Provide a high quality developmental early learning experience in a warm, loving, Christian environment which stresses social skills and pre-kindergarten readiness skills.
  • Help your child learn respect for others, to cooperate with others, to forgive and receive forgiveness.
  • Provide a variety of language experiences to enhance and increase communication and listening skills.
  • Increase independence and the ability to recognize reasonable classroom limits.
  • Foster physical growth by promoting large and small muscle development, and providing different types of sensory experiences.
  • Enhance cognitive skills by supporting your child’s curiosity and interests.
  • Provide stimulating opportunities for your child to feel safe, loved, challenged, and important!
  • Have loving, caring, and qualified Christian teachers helping children see themselves as a Christian individual growing in God’s wonderful world.
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