Our Goals

  • Encourage children to grow spiritually knowing these simple God truths:
    • God loves Me and Forgives Me
    • God made Me; I am special
    • God gives Me everything I need – a family, a home . . .
    • God loves me so much, God sent His son Jesus: to live a life of loving and caring, to die on a cross, to rise again, and to ascend to heaven to where Jesus prepares a place for Me
    • God wants Me to share God’s love with family and friends
  • Provide a high quality developmental early learning experience in a warm, loving, Christian environment which stresses social skills and pre-kindergarten readiness skills.
  • Help your child learn respect for others, to cooperate with others, to forgive and receive forgiveness.
  • Provide a variety of language experiences to enhance and increase communication and listening skills.
  • Increase independence and the ability to recognize reasonable classroom limits.
  • Foster physical growth by promoting large and small muscle development, and providing different types of sensory experiences.
  • Enhance cognitive skills by supporting your child’s curiosity and interests.
  • Provide stimulating opportunities for your child to feel safe, loved, challenged, and important!
  • Have loving, caring, and qualified Christian teachers helping children see themselves as a Christian individual growing in God’s wonderful world.
Re-opening January 18th!


With careful consideration and hard work to make sure we are following the strictest guidelines, we are able to safely open our doors. This is your opportunity to register your child to attend the 2022-2023 school year.

Stay well!
Sarah Lanham, Director

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